Our Story

Watts & Coffee was founded early 2020 by two best friends searching for sources of long lasting energy. Alexander Lai, together with Will Vargas worked together to create the Watts & Coffee lounge, operating inside  Alex's Bicycle Pro Shop in Weston, Florida.

As coffee lovers, and competitive athletes, they turned to caffeine, one of the most commonly used ingredients used to boost levels of energy in sports nutrition. The result, a specialty coffee line sourced from high quality coffee beans from around the world. Each cup made to order, and handcrafted for an indulging experience.
Experience love at your first sip, from our exclusive coffee bean blends when you visit Watts & Coffee.
To ensure our coffee beans reach customers at the highest levels of freshness, we roast our beans in small batches allowing higher quality control. Orders are then shipped to our customers from batches roasted within days or receiving orders. 
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