Antioquia (Microlot) - Medium Roast

Antioquia (Microlot)  - Medium Roast
Antioquia (Microlot)  - Medium Roast
Product image 1Antioquia (Microlot)  - Medium Roast
Product image 2Antioquia (Microlot)  - Medium Roast

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Tasting Notes: Toffee, Citrus, Honey and Lingering hint of sweetness.

Country: Colombia

Region: Fredonia, Antioquia

Farm: Finca Naya

Variety: Castillo

Elevation: 1500 - 1850 (Meters Above Sea Level)

Processing: Washed

Type: Microlot- Single source 

Background story: Our coffee exhibits a rich toffee flavor with an undertone of fruit and citrus. The creamy body leaves the palate with caramel, honey, and a lingering hint of sweetness. Characterized by steep slopes overlooking the picturesque Cauca River, Finca Naya coffee grows on 32 hectares (80 acres) of land. Natural springs, complemented by ecological soil stewardship, enhance the farm's mineral-rich soil, creating ideal terra firma for coffee cultivation. By incorporating native tree species, abstaining from the use of herbicide, and focusing on sustainability, Finca Naya coffee offers an exceptional flavor profile.

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